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Seth Wieder, Esq.

My name is Seth Wieder and I believe in one simple idea: Not only that everyone should have their fair day in court, but that you should be able to win when that day comes. I believe that you can fight back against debt harassment and I believe you can win. I started my career at Loan Lawyers preparing debt harassment lawsuits against banks, debt collectors, and mortgage companies.

Their attorneys may not have taken the lawsuits seriously at first but after I sued their clients for debt harassment hundreds of times, they took notice. I have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients and I have helped some of them get out of their debts entirely. I have won judgments against the same companies that may be harassing you. The lawyers for the banks know that when I am on the other side, they have a serious fight on their hands.

Many good people are the subject of debt harassment and do not know that they can fight back. The banks can afford to pay their lawyers tens of thousands of dollars, you can't. This is why we use consumer protection laws to force the banks to pay our legal fees. These laws exist to protect you, and using these laws, it is possible that I can help you can get out of your debts; it is possible that by the time your case is over, the banks may PAY YOU for their harassment!

You have rights and you have an opportunity to fight back against debt-harassment. I look forward to meeting with you and discovering what we can do to help you with your debt problems.


  • Undergraduate: Binghamton University
  • Law School: Nova Southeastern University

Court Admissions

  • Admitted to practice in all Florida State Courts
  • United States Southern District of Florida
  • The United States Middle District of Florida

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